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by sunil on June 30, 2013

Friends and readers would be aware of my woes of cataloguing books, DVDs and Blu Rays. I don’t own too many, roughly about 1200 books and 500 DVDs, but managing them can be a nightmare. Especially when items are regularly borrowed and returned. It took me a while to remember who hadn’t returned my copy of White Teeth or the original Festen.

For a long time now, I have been seeking a software to catalogue them or a barcode scanner that can scan and update the status of items when they are added or borrowed ( a la a public library). So far, I didn’t find anything that was complete or met all of my needs.

Last month, a friend suggested Collectorz. A visit on to their website and checking out the features of their products convinced me that they had what I was looking for. I have been using it over last couple of months and it runs like a dream. I think for people like me, who collect and manage books, I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s a brief introduction of their various softwares and apps as I had written to a friend in a mail:

Basically Collectorz is a software to be run on laptops and desktop computers. You can download it for a trial version and see how it feels for you. You can add movies and books by the barcaroles and ISBN numbers, or by titles and authors. Alternatively, if you have a large collection like I do, you can buy their iPhone/ android app called CLZ Barry for about £5. I recommend it wholeheartedly; it acts as a barcode scanner and when it is connected with the computer software it stores them automatically, searches the details and stores covers, author info, and every other detail: publishing year, awards, editions etc ( all in the case of books) and posters, imdb ratings, entire information of the cast, and even trailers ( in case of movies).

The book and movie software are sold separately, so you can buy for them separately. They also sell them in combination packs, which is what I went for. It’s cheaper. Added advantage is it also includes lifetime subscription for their cloud software called Connect ( now renamed as Cloud CLZ) It gives access to your collection from anywhere via a browser on their site. The Cloud, needless to add, is also very handy if you want to access your collection over multiple devices. The catch however is you need to buy and download the app versions of CLZ software for mobile devices. Again, I would recommend it heartily, as you can access your collection on smartphone or iPad, ( handy when friends visit and you can choose the movie to watch, say on a device or Apple TV, than actually go through the collection physically) . Again the apps are not that dearer. Roughly around £5 each.

So essentially I bought 4 products :

1. Collectorz movie and book software for computers ( £40 , includes lifetime cloud service)
2. CLZ movie app ( works with both iPhone and iPad ) around £5
3. CLZ Book app, again I think is around £5
4. CLZ Barry scanner £5

So basically for an investment of £50, it lets you catalogue all the books and movie DVD you own. It’s almost like a dream come true. The softwares are quite seamless and user friendly. The displays could be changed to suit preferences. The only negative I have noticed, though must admit I haven’t explored all the features available in the software in detail, is that, I did not find an option to create a new folders ( in movies for example, seen not owned, books read and not owned) which would have made it complete to review and take notes instead of jotting them here and there. Another suggested improvement would be to have an import option of a list of all the ebooks from the ebook readers.

Nevertheless, as I said before, a very good once in a lifetime investment for readers and cinephiles. Click here for more info if you are more geeky, you can try their other Cataloguing softwares: includes music, gaming, photos, comics, MP3 etc, but as you know not my areas of interest.

Update: Sytske from Collectorz informs me that the folders could be created in the softwares (menu View>Folder>Choose Folders) or by creating a Filter. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m happy that the folders can be created and managed.

Adding a screen shots of my CLZ Books and CLZ Movies:



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Christoffer Larson August 2, 2013 at 3:09 am

Actually, in Book Collector, you have an option at the bottom of the “Details” tab to define whether this book is part of your collection or not. Combined with the check box “Read It” in the “Personal” tab, that’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it? The same is true for the Movie Collector. The “In collection” is in the “Movie” tab and the “Seen It” is in the “Personal” tab. 🙂


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