Note to a six year old:

Always value courage and rational conviction over intelligence. Be kind. It’s almost bravery these days to be kind. Never suffer inefficiency and fools. The only people you owe ever in your life are your parents. learn tradition so you know when you are breaking it. Respect religion and history. Why is the most important question. Meditate. Make your own judgements and be prepared to find yourself wrong. Admire Passion. Always go talk to the girl. Read Count of Monte Cristo before you turn 18, Buy and consume but never own anything. Study philosophy though it fucks you up. Travel. Have at least two life friends. Invest in experiences. Be radical in action, not just thought; and always, always take responsibility for the consequence of the choices you have made.

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Money and Humans…

1. People with less money want money. This is totally fine. In fact is necessary for the healthy functioning of the society. 
2. But once people DO have money, they want MORE money, and MORE money! This is the true problem. 
And far true problem is people wont know when they move from 1 to 2. 
Liverpool, UK, Autumn 2016

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