Dispatch from India 

by sunil on June 9, 2016

Dispatch 1: India : Haven’t been able to do much because of being poorly. Sometimes the body rules over the mind. As a positive though , it gave me an opportunity and time to mull over the world that passed before me.
Two main things to carry over:
1. Looking at all the life in India, it makes you wonder how such an outward looking culture could look so deeply and consistently within and get it right! I’d put this as the grandest achievement of India.
2. There was a plaque on a wall in the school I used to go to in India; it read ‘ there is no substitute for hard work’ it took me a long time to actually understand that it is one of THE governing principles of human life. To date I’ve never come across something , anything, of worth that hasn’t been made by strife. I have come to value diligence over talent. I say this in the context of the Indian Prime Minister who is the most hardworking Indian I’ve known or heard of in my lifetime. He’s both inspiring and inspirational – and people who know me would know I don’t use these words loosely.

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