India, yet another arrival…

by sunil on October 10, 2015

India, yet another arrival, Bangalore.
For 4:00 am in the morning, the air was hot and crisp. It felt like walking beside a kebabshop at night. The sky was dark, sprinkled here and there by misted light streaming through halogen lamps.

The road ahead was straight and almost smooth. Dark. Swathes of hoardings- billboards of varying sizes and colours, without any sense of aesthete or taste, rolled by one after another. Most of them were advertising apartments or houses – deluxe , villa , a development here, a regeneration zone there- thousand odd BHK, Swimming pool, gym, parking the usual works.

All this information was around an hand-drawn painting of a high rise. Cartoon looking figures of family- dad driving back in his car, return waving to young daughter . Wife gazing at them both in accomplished, content smile. Long mobile numbers scattered around the boards. A sprinkle of font types.


After a few minutes of the drive you just stopped registering , all the boards almost merged into one another and initially became a huge distraction, then a swirling mass pulsating as a headache.

It  must have been a while, and reckon I had dozed off, Because I was woken by wheels going over a speed breaker.

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