by sunil on October 9, 2015


1.Kayaking, Greenland USA, Canada
2.Bedouin Horse keeping, Arabian Peninsula
3.Bonsai, Japan
4.Gardening for self sufficiency, Chartreuse Monastery, France
5.Siesta, Spain
6.Mountaineering, Tibet and Nepal
7.Free diving, Sulawesi Indonesia, Sulusea Philippines
8.Burning Incense, India, China and Japan
9.Hot Stone Bath, Bhutan
10.Pourtinia ( Russian for desert), Russia
11.River Punting, England
12.Shabbat, Israel
13.Dishu (Chinese water calligraphy), China
14.Banya (Sauna) Russia
15. Find peace in quiet, La Trappe Abbey, Normandy, France




16.Reciting Mantras, India
17.Kombotoi (Worry Beads), Greece
18.Djembe drumming, Mali
19.Distance Running, Sierra Madre Region, Mexico
20.Japanese Tea Ceremony, Japan
21.Gregorian chant, Italy and France
22.Weaving, Australia
23.Kaihogyo (Physical endurance), Japan
24. Sema ceremony of the whirling dervishes, Konya, Turkey
25. Flanerie (Walking) Paris, France




26.Making Ataya, West African Gun Powder Tea, Senegal, Gambia
27.Backgammon, Egypt
28.Dabke Folk dance, Lebanon
29.Baby-wearing, Kalahari region of Botswana, Namibia and Angola
30.The burning of Zozobra, Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
31.Making Tamales, Mexico
32.San Pedro Maurique, Castile, Spain
33.Kava culture, Polynesia ( Honour friendship over a drink)
34.Dream Sharing (Discuss your thoughts and fears) Ecuador
35.Lomi Lomi Massage, Hawaii, USA
36.Halloween, United Kingdom
37.Piraha Language, Amazon Jungle, Brazil
38.Keyif (Relaxation), Turkey
39.Masquerade ball, Venice, Italy
40.Sharing Circles, North America
41.The great Singapore sale, Singapore
42.Worry Dolls, Gautemala
43.The Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina




44.Archery, Bhutan
45.Feng Shui, China
46.High Tea, Great Britain
47.Stilt Fishing, Sri Lanka
48.Mormon Journal-Keeping, USA
49.Walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage, Shikoku, Japan
50.Mise en place ( to put in place), France
51.Slacklining, California, USA
52.Japanese Specilaity Restaurant ( become an expert in your chosen area), Japan
53.Mushroom hunting, Russia
54.Aboriginal Culture ( you are more than your possessions), Australia
55.Wishing Tree, Turkey

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