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by sunil on September 17, 2015

To be used concurrently with note of mine. 

I have borrowed a lot of this note from Caroline Y Prestons day break travel books, as our styles of travelling are very similar.
  If like me, you are an independent traveller who seeks adventure, adores culture, antiquities, history and getting value for money, you may find this short city explorer tour most enjoyable. This city tour is an excerpt from one of my longer European Grand Tour ebooks (Tour 6 – Liverpool, Berlin, St Petersburg, Riga & Stockholm) and I put the itinerary together for myself. 

I found that visiting a city for a short time gives me a “taste” of that city and helps me decide whether or not to return for a longer future stay. I find some Cities have the right feeling for me and I feel comfortable and “at home” in them, others I must admit, despite several visits, I cannot take to. You, I am sure, will experience this for yourself as you explore. I travelled alone on this tour, but there is no reason why couples, families or groups could not undertake and enjoy it, every bit as much as I did. You can make the tour as cheap or expensive as you wish by your own choice of accommodation, restaurants and methods of transport. To assist, as I guide, I have mentioned the accommodations and transport facilities I used, you of course are at liberty to use or amend these to suit your own tastes and requirements. You can tailor the tour to suit yourself by: – changing venues and incorporating ones that have particular interest to yourself – changing the number of days you spend in the city In order to maximise my time, I usually decide which venues I wish to visit before I go on holiday and group them due to their location and opening times. I usually leave a couple of hours free though each day to explore, shop or just “chill out”. You will find you will need to factor in “chilling out” time each day, particularly in large busy cities, to avoid “culture overload” and fatigue. I hope you find the tour to be fun and not too gruelling Please note however, I am a quick walker and tend to get round Museums and Galleries very quickly, particularly as I “home in” only on the items which I find of interest (I research where these are in the museum/gallery before I go to save time. Most websites have a map of their venues to enable you to find the items you most wish to see). You may wish to spend more time in certain Museums, Galleries, shopping or merely chilling out than I did and need to factor this in when designing your own itinerary of venues to visit. 
Some Simple Travel Tips In order to get the most from my holidays I tend to use the following tips which you may find useful.

 * Use the Internet to make bookings and research (including airline city destination guides)

 * Use “Budget” Air Lines

 *I use the following websites at:, and for flights involving British airports only Please bear in mind that the airports used by budget airlines may be a considerable distance from the city (which will cost you extra both financially and in time lost travelling) 

* Book centrally located accommodation (it may cost a little more but it saves on both time and transport costs)

 *I tend to use the following websites when looking for accommodation:,,,, and; although as websites are constantly changing there may be other websites offering better deals at the time of your booking. 

* I use the following websites to help me evaluate hotels and attractions http:// and http://

 * As a final price check, once I have selected a particular hotel, I usually run it through a price comparison website e.g. or before booking (although, please note these sites may not search every site on the internet which advertises your particular hotel) as well as the hotels own website to ensure I obtain the best deal possible for my stay. 

* Travel light (taking clothes which can be rinsed through and dry quickly) and where…..

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