The Ugly Golden Arches of Riga

by sunil on May 26, 2015

Riga was never bombed during WW2; the Germans did not require to do a Warsaw, and the allies found no strategic merit in bombing it.  After the Nazi occupation,  Riga quickly moved onto Soviet control and had much influence in the Baltic as a soviet centre under the USSR during the Cold War. What this piece of history meant was, unlike the other European towns ravaged by the aerial war, the architectural skeleton of the old medieval Riga remained intact. 

After the disintegration of USSR , the town became a capitalistic hub of the Baltic. Consequently it has been desecrated by many a capitalist signs , none  uglier than the Golden Arches of Macdonalds. I had previously written about how ugly the arches of Macdonalds are, more so in a region that has unrivalled architectural aesthetics. To find a M in gaudy yellow amidst great architecture is saddening, for it is not only an eyesore but also strips the whole landscape off its history and somehow trivialises it. 

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