Conversations in India:

by sunil on March 5, 2014

I realise it’s generalising, but I’m disadvantaged by being able to compare. Journal entry from December 2013.

Conversations in India :
Content : Absurd, obstreperous, rigid, cyclic, abacus, lack of progression or direction, external locus of control, preoccupied, lack of theory of mind, blind, resolute helplessness, tangentiality, absolute lack of imagination, excessive religiousity, fatalism, overt inexplicable sentimentality e.g jingoism, blind repetition, lack of applicability, at times pure bollocks.

Form : overt and genuinely polite, inexplicable respectful towards fellow conversants, And most importantly, the thrill and charm of the linguistic possibility in conversations – criss-crossing between three, and if with the right party even four different languages: The wonder and the beauty of starting the sentence in one language and ending in another, or speaking a sentence comprised of words from four different languages.

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