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by admin on February 24, 2008

Travel and other List of Paraphernalia



Travel List


People who know me, know how easily I can waver between states of unbelievable organization and hopeless chaos. And when I say unbelievable organization, it is, believe me, unbelievable. And that is exactly what one of my friends remarked when she first noticed my travel list and its versions. Well, all right not just exactly. Unbelievable was the third word uttered after oh! funny and brilliant!

Her response finally ended with a prod- why shouldn’t I put it up here?  Because according to her, it reflects me in many ways.

So here we are – some of you know about this already. Some of you might have your own. In any case, these lists were prepared over intense miseries and travel fiascos both personal and borrowed, from over a period of time. Imagine how it would be like to hold a camera with a dead battery in front of a wonder of the world. If you can relate to that feeling, then the following isn’t that unimaginable.

Also, if there is anything you could add or alter to improve the list,  kindly do not hesitate to let me know.

Well to start off, I have three versions of travel lists which I call A B and C –

A is a day journey version, or at the most for a day and a night journey. B, for maximum of 4 days 3 Nights,  whilst C would be anywhere between 5 days to a fortnight and further.



~T shirts

~Half Sleeves/Polos




~Overcoat/ Jacket

~Boxers / Pants


~A Good Towel (the vital)

~Other accessories: Hankies, Buffs, Hat/Cap, Ponchos

~Swimming : Trunks, goggles.




~ Shoes

~ Running Shoes

~ Sandals/Crocs/Tevas/Hiking Shoes/Wellies

~ Room Slippers

~ Socks

~ Shoe Bags

~ Gaiters

All subject to length and nature of the stay.


~ Mobile phone + Charger (B, C) Iphone charger

~ Mobile Juice Pack ( for longer day travels and festivalia)


~Apple Watch + Charger

~ Digital camera with spare batteries (B, C), Comes in handy during extreme weather, altitudes etc, where Li batteries die earlier + Camera Charger + Spare memory cards (B)

~ Lenses, if necessary

~ Selfie-Stick ?

~ Travel Adapter

~ Tripod, if necessary

~ Connector cables, Card Reader

~ Spare unlocked phones (If necessary)

~ iPod with downloaded Audible books (B,C)  or iPod shuffle charged please. (A)

~ Cable Connector (B),

~ Apple Adapter

~ iPad with downloaded movies

~ Laptop: if at all carrying one, nothing beats an apple macbook air

~ Pen drive/Hard Drive

~C Pen scanner (B, C)
~Digital Voice Recorder (for B, C, else you mobile would be a good recorder for A)

Kindle / iPad/ iPad mini (A) subject to necessity and duration, length of travels




If staying overnight a handy 3×4 pouch by lynx is perfect. I remember picking up it in Brighton, or was it Worthing ?
 Comes with everything:

~ A foldable toothbrush, (A)

~ Mini showering gel, (A)

~ Small tube of paste,

~ Deodorant, and

~ A razor

~ Pair of scissors

~ Shaving cream or leaf

~ AntiPerspirant Roll ( if needed, like hiking trips)  antiperspirant rolls

~ sunscreen subject to weather

~ Aftershave

~ Add a mini bar of soap or face scrub (A, B).

~pocket eau de toilette  or perfume if you fancy that

( All in a transparent kit) I am looking for hoarding this great travel kit but have been unable to find it anywhere now. May be they have stopped making it.

~For B,C FCUK mini kit is the best.

And do not forget :

~ An AAA operated handy electronic shaver would compliment them all perfectly (esp. for A).Other personal needs, dear boys and girls, you know what they are.



(a) Writing needs/Stationery:

~ Books-Paperbacks/ Kindle

~ Multiple books (B,C)

~ A5 Notepad / Travel Journal/ Moleskine

~ Pens

~ Booklight

~ Maps, both electronic and hard copies


(b) Pot Pourri:

~ Credit Cards, Travellers Cheques

~ Identity/Passport, Bookings, Reservations,

~ Travel Insurance,

~ Local Currency, Bank Keys, et al

~ Contacts/ Addresses

~ Emergencies / Numbers/ Contact details.

~ Travel guide/ Map/ for Europe the Euromate is the handiest. Lonely planet Guides are useful for longer stays and pre travel research

~ Multipin adapter

~ Spare AAA/AA Batteries

~ Locks

~ Umbrella

~ Swiss Knife
, preferably Victorinox

~Spare contact lens n preservatives.

~ Gifts

~ Greeting Cards




(C) Optional 

~ Research and pre-order Travel cards, if cheaper

~ Look at museum opening hours

~ Opening hours and occasions and events ? Look for concessions.

~ Book in advance

~ Glance through maps on lonely planets


(D) Meditation

~ Meditation Stuff

~ Cushion

~ Singing bowl

~ Tingsha



And the most important: a big strong bag / Holdall to swallow them all (for all A,B, and C) because the bag also helps you carry a day’s load during longer stays. Do any of you remember seeing me without my great bag anytime?

Most of these items are subject to the nature and the duration of the visit.

So consider other items especially the attire like which is ruled by weather: Suit, Ties, Socks, and other usual like Sat Nav, Kleenex, Hanky, Cap, Hat, Scarf, Swiss knife, Gloves, Swimming trunks, Shoes and Sandals.

(E) Medication: if any, Else Painkillers, Vitamins and such likes; make your own personal First-aid kit, like Dramamine, antidotes etc.

Note the list is made only for an average visit; further task-lists for camping, biking, skiing or other interests should have separate lists. Make sure you have separate lists for the different versions of visits, because though it may be boring to write things down thrice or more, it helps you to pack in lightning time when in a hurry.

Festivalia/ Camping

~Tent , pegs, Hammer
~Mattress, Sleeping bags, Ground Sheet,Throws, Blankets
~ Liners, Waterproof Pouches, Bin-bag, Pouches for phone, iPad
~ LED Lantern, Torch, Headlights
~ Lighter, Matches
~Swiss Knife
~ Tissue Rolls
~ Holdall
~ Mobile Charger / Juice Pack


~ Stove, Canisters, FuelBlocks, BBQ
~Cutlery, Knives, Peeler, Paper Plates
~ Alternatively Wicker Basket
~ French press, Kettle, Enamel Plate, Bowl,
~ Coffee, Tea, Fruits, Biscuits, Snacks, Drinks,
~ Picnic Rug
~ Napkins


~Base Layer


~Jacket Waterproof

~Walking Poles



~Map Holder, Map,



~ Hat

~ Hiking Shoes

~ Umbrella

~ Binoculars

~ Buff

~ First Aid Kit


Day Outing in a City:

1. Passport/ identification

2. Wallet

3. Phone with charger

4. Juice Pack

5. Sun glasses

6. Hand kerchief

7. Pocket perfume

8. Keys

9. Fruits /chocolate bars

10. Pocket Note book

11. iPod

12. Headphones

13. Pen

14. Spare T shirt

15. Maps/ addresses

16. Local currency coins

Remember the best list is the list you make. Bon Voyage!




 Quick Crashlist To Do


First check VISA.

  1. Check weather ( )
  2. Inform Bank
  3. Check Mobile coverage / Internet coverage
  4. Download Maps / Lonely Planets –
  5. Check attractions and make a list -10 Attractions /  5 Websites/
  6. Summarise into Days – Day 1/ Day 2/ Day 3 etc
  7. Check opening hours of attractions, museums
  8. Check travel cards, museum tickets
  9. Checking driving/ car hiring / rental
  10. Emergencies : Contacts, Numbers, Addresses
  11. Print Boarding Passes
  12. Passport, EHIC, Travel Insurance
  13. Switch on Location
  14. Out of Office
  15. iPad, iPhone, Charger Cables
  16. iPod, Kindle, ( Audible, Movies)



Night duties for electronic devices


1. Tablets/

2. Charge Camera

3. Charge iPhone

4. Charge Juice Pack

5. Charge iPad

6. Charge Macbook Air

7. Kindle Charge

8. Beats Dr Dre, Headphones



Office Relocation Stuff 


~ Stationery : Staplers, Stickies, Ink, Files, Hourglass, Pen Stand,


~ Kitchen: Plate, Cutlery, Napkin, Tea, Mug, Mini Fridge, Coffee Mug, French Press, Bread, Fruit Basket


~Paperwork: Study Leave, Annual Leave, Section Papers


~ Book Library : Book Brackets, MHA, MCA, OHCM, ICD, Addiction Psychiatry, Essential Philosophy


~ Clothes: Set of Clothes, Hangers, Umbrella


~ Office Decor: Clock, Pen Stand, Radio, Vase,


~ Miscellaneous : Stress Drum, Spanish Flash Cards, 15 Minute Spanish








~IPad Mini

~Kindle Magna

~Nike Fuel Band

~Car Chargers


~iPod Shuffle

~Shoqbox Speakers

Gym Bluetooth Headset

~Bluetooth Earpiece

~Dr Dre Beats Headphone

~Sandstorm Headphones

~Sony SRS X2 Speakers


Travel Chores between Travel:
Things to do
Change iPhone
Upload Pictures
Back up Hard Disk Copies
Change Apple Watch Strap
Medication Boxes
Shampoo / Toileteries
Contact Host
Write down Address and Directions
Check Timeanddate
Email Dad
Sort Boarding Passes
Top Up prepaid cards
Download Maps
Travel Last Minute
iPhone + Charger
iPod Charger
iPad Mini

Remember the best list is the list you make. Bon Voyage

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Joyce October 23, 2009 at 10:21 am

Your friend sounds like a vagabond. She probably picks up and leaves on a moment’s notice and spends half her travel money on the things she’s forgotten! Just kidding, she is probably lots of fun to be around and her impulsivity would round out your obsessive traits nicely. But I tend to make lists as you do, so I had to be a bit defensive on that.


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