Travel Notes 

by sunil on July 24, 2016

Notes somewhere on a train in NSW, Australia : 
Three things are fundamental and vital for humans more than ever in history: 

1. How much do you lie to yourself? ( or what extent of lying do you accept within yourself? ) 

2. What values you live by AND aspire to? ( this is essentially your response to constraints) 

3. How do you parent your children? ( within your expectations, how much control are you comfortable or otherwise exercising on someone who you think you own? ) 
I believe the answers for any one or more of the questions is not a knowledge or skill that can be transferred, which means, in other words, with sufficient distance and space, one can almost classify anyone by these three questions.


Dispatch from India 

by sunil on June 9, 2016

Dispatch 1: India : Haven’t been able to do much because of being poorly. Sometimes the body rules over the mind. As a positive though , it gave me an opportunity and time to mull over the world that passed before me.
Two main things to carry over:
1. Looking at all the life in India, it makes you wonder how such an outward looking culture could look so deeply and consistently within and get it right! I’d put this as the grandest achievement of India.
2. There was a plaque on a wall in the school I used to go to in India; it read ‘ there is no substitute for hard work’ it took me a long time to actually understand that it is one of THE governing principles of human life. To date I’ve never come across something , anything, of worth that hasn’t been made by strife. I have come to value diligence over talent. I say this in the context of the Indian Prime Minister who is the most hardworking Indian I’ve known or heard of in my lifetime. He’s both inspiring and inspirational – and people who know me would know I don’t use these words loosely.


Matteo Palmieri

March 4, 2016

I accidentally stumbled onto this picture in my phone and realised the sort of crazy pursuits I had been up to in Florence last December. Matteo Palmieri was a pharmacist in Florence who amongst other things revolutionised the fashion in Florence (!),  but more famously commissioned Annunciation of the Virgin by Botticini at the erstwhile […]

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Literary Landscape

January 15, 2016

Literary Landscape: Old one, saving here for reference   I am doing Goethe’s Letters from Italy, which was bought 5 years back.(Yes, shameless I know). Reading it now refreshed one of the questions that has been bugging me for sometime . Past the first twenty pages and I am totally awed at Herr Goethe’s ability […]

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India, yet another arrival…

October 10, 2015

India, yet another arrival, Bangalore. For 4:00 am in the morning, the air was hot and crisp. It felt like walking beside a kebabshop at night. The sky was dark, sprinkled here and there by misted light streaming through halogen lamps. The road ahead was straight and almost smooth. Dark. Swathes of hoardings- billboards of […]

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October 9, 2015

NATURE 1.Kayaking, Greenland USA, Canada 2.Bedouin Horse keeping, Arabian Peninsula 3.Bonsai, Japan 4.Gardening for self sufficiency, Chartreuse Monastery, France 5.Siesta, Spain 6.Mountaineering, Tibet and Nepal 7.Free diving, Sulawesi Indonesia, Sulusea Philippines 8.Burning Incense, India, China and Japan 9.Hot Stone Bath, Bhutan 10.Pourtinia ( Russian for desert), Russia 11.River Punting, England 12.Shabbat, Israel 13.Dishu (Chinese water […]

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Travel List Duo 

September 17, 2015

To be used concurrently with note of mine.  I have borrowed a lot of this note from Caroline Y Prestons day break travel books, as our styles of travelling are very similar.   If like me, you are an independent traveller who seeks adventure, adores culture, antiquities, history and getting value for money, you may […]

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The Ugly Golden Arches of Riga

May 26, 2015

Riga was never bombed during WW2; the Germans did not require to do a Warsaw, and the allies found no strategic merit in bombing it.  After the Nazi occupation,  Riga quickly moved onto Soviet control and had much influence in the Baltic as a soviet centre under the USSR during the Cold War. What this […]

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Kerala shaped hole:

February 20, 2015

I reckon I’ve come to a stage where I need to transcribe as much of the travel entries. I’m doing this whenever I get time, here’s something I found from May 2006 that I wanted to share : Kerala shaped hole in the universe Sometime in May 2006: The more I see of her the […]

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Conversations in India:

March 5, 2014

I realise it’s generalising, but I’m disadvantaged by being able to compare. Journal entry from December 2013. Conversations in India : Content : Absurd, obstreperous, rigid, cyclic, abacus, lack of progression or direction, external locus of control, preoccupied, lack of theory of mind, blind, resolute helplessness, tangentiality, absolute lack of imagination, excessive religiousity, fatalism, overt […]

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