Imitation Game


Overall: 4/10
Direction: 3/10
Acting: 6/10
Cinematography: 2/10
Script: 2/10
Salience: 0/10


In a word, disappointing! I did not see any great merit or purpose in the narration hopping between three points in time. If at all anything, I feel it adds more confusion to a viewer who may not have been acquainted with the story.

May be it’s just me but too much of British acting storehouse you associate with other stronger performances has been packaged in a weak and dull script. So acting largely gets the job done and lacks any moments of memorable brilliance, which is a real let down. Cumberbatch was okayish, in fact quite forgettable and as I said, I felt the script could have been better written to get more out of him. I think Jacobi from one of the earlier movies on Turing had done a far more wonderful job than Cumberbatch.

Direction is unbearably tardy, and lacking any true passion in narration, which is symbolised in the the token relevance of the title chosen. The actual moment of breaking the enigma could have been more inspiring. I thought generally there was too much and too many constructed emotions around blitz, around political correctness ( eg feminism, homosexuality etc ) without committing to any stance.

It’s educative if you do not know much of Turing’s life at all, but if you do, which I think is the more likely case, skip and wait for a few months when I am sure it will be streamed on Netflix before it gets consigned to obscurity.

PS – Id recommend watching the earlier movies on Turing that are better narrated.

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