White House Down:


Overall: 3/10
Direction: 3/10
Acting: 2/10
Cinematography: 2/10
Script: 2/10
Salience: 0/10

Remarks :

Sort of 1990s boilerplate American storyline, feels waywardly exaggerated in plot to an extent that at times is frankly funny. Watched it as a perfect paperwork movie, no need to concentrate on the story, no heavy dialogue, not foreign ( hence no subtitles) allows you to do something mechanical as typing yet picture the whole mis-en-scene without much effort. No interesting one liners. No need for acting, the actors have to exist for the characters and the movies to exist.
All in all, very simple and painfully predictable.


White House is taken over by thugs led by an White House insider who feels wronged by the administration. Typical brouhaha ensues, American firepower, and the usual blowing up of property follows. Throughout the narration, the characters are as thick as a cardboard , whilst the script covers them with every stereotype available ( black president, fallen Secret Service agent, wronged insider seeking retribution etc) The movie is 20 years late in public consciousness and has nothing to suggest that it is even conceived or meant to be located in a 21st century space or time. Both Jamie Foxx and James Wood are wasted in their roles, but for their choices. Rest basically ham their way out.

As I said good paperwork movie, no more no less.

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