Wash Memory

Used, and
Unused condoms, a tattered copy
Of half read Franzen book,
A tourist map of snowdonia, two
biros, two crisp packets- one
Cheese and onion, one salt and
Vinegar ( unopened) , some pages of
Newspaper, dated 11/02/2011,

Scraps of papers with jottings
And illegible reminders and muses, rolls of dust,
Some tissues, two tablets ( one aspirin, one unknown?)
Two unmatching ear rings, one old scratched
Grimy CD cover
Of Tigermilk.
All I found beneath the
bed, cleaning
on this bright June day.

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Identity as Time

Barafundle beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales, July 2013

Sunrises, sunsets, airports, beaches, they are the same all over, yet we find the time, energy and resources within ourselves to view them, to see them as different, as separate.

The identity we lend them are but of ourselves, filling them with our emotions, our feelings, and the company we witness them. We build our castles of memories – under the impression that they remain unscathed by the indelible hands of time; we are in our brief way of making sense of everything as our own immortality in what we deep down know for ourselves but do not wish to to face – our mortality.

Now that we know that our mind is a tool for a race against time to make-believe ourselves as immortal it is natural to conclude all our experiences, values, choices are a resultant internalisation of this fundamental network – acting as our identities throughout as long as we live, against the eternal stretch of the constant universe.

Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales, July 2013

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