How to disappear completely

May 10, 2016

That there, that’s not me I go where I please I walk through walls I float down the Liffey I’m not here This isn’t happening I’m not here, I’m not here In a little while I’ll be gone The moment’s already passed Yeah, it’s gone I’m not here This isn’t happening I’m not here, I’m […]

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One Art

April 3, 2016

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the fluster of lost door keys, the hour badly spent. The art of losing isn’t hard to master. Then practice losing farther, losing faster: places, and […]

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Sonnet 65

April 1, 2016

Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea,But sad mortality o’ersways their power, How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea, Whose action is no stronger than a flower? O! how shall summer’s honey breath hold out, Against the wrackful siege of battering days, When rocks impregnable are not so stout, Nor gates […]

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Bank Robbery 

March 6, 2016

During a robbery, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: “Don’t move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you.” Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called “Mind Changing Concept” Changing the conventional way of thinking. When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted […]

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A Brief For the Defense

March 4, 2016

  Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere. If babies are not starving someplace, they are starving somewhere else. With flies in their nostrils. But we enjoy our lives because that’s what God wants. Otherwise the mornings before summer dawn would not be made so fine. The Bengal tiger would not be fashioned so miraculously well. The poor […]

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February 28, 2016

ImmigrantNovember ’63: eight months in London. I pause on the low bridge to watch the pelicans: they float swanlike, arching their white necks over only slightly ruffled bundles of wings, burying awkward beaks in the lake’s water. I clench cold fists in my Marks and Spencer’s jacket and secretly test my accent once again: St […]

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Four forms of grasping/ clinging

February 23, 2016

“Now these four kinds of clinging have what as their source, what as their origin, from what are they born and produced? These four kinds of clinging have craving as their source, craving as their origin, they are born and produced from craving.[10] Craving has what as its source…? Craving has feeling as its source… […]

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Search for my Tongue..

February 14, 2016

You ask me what I mean  by saying I have lost my tongue.  I ask you, what would you do  if you had two tongues in your mouth,  and lost the first one, the mother tongue,  and could not really know the other,  the foreign tongue.  You could not use them both together  even if […]

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The Morality of Suffering: 

February 8, 2016

Whilst thinking about the old question floating in my head? Can we divide suffering into moral and or immoral? That is, can suffering be graded into a spectrum? I was reminded of Schopenhauer.  A quick test of the assertion that enjoyment outweighs pain in this world, or that they are at any rate balanced, would […]

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Werner Herzog’s Rules for Life

January 29, 2016

1. Always take the initiative. 2. There is nothing wrong with spending a night in jail if it means getting the shot you need. 3. Send out all your dogs and one might return with prey. 4. Never wallow in your troubles; despair must be kept private and brief. 5. Learn to live with your […]

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Oh! Life and other such trivia…

January 25, 2016

* I cannot refrain from doubting that there exist any genuine realizations of our deepest character except war and illness, those two infinities of nightmare,(…je ne peux m’empêcher de mettre en doute qu’il existe d’autres véritables réalisations de nos profonds tempéraments que la guerre et la maladie, ces deux infinis du cauchemar) * To travel […]

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Conversation between Taccola and Brunelleschi

January 23, 2016

Taccola recorded Brunelleschi’s comments in a careful and authentic style that suggests we are reading something very close to the actual words of the master architect: Pippo Brunelleschi of the great and mighty city of Florence, a singularly honored man, famous in several arts, gifted by God especially in architecture, a most learned inventor of […]

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Berger on Medici Tombs

January 15, 2016

Remember the Medici tomb with the figures of Night and Day, Dusk and Dawn? Two reclining men and two reclining women. The women modestly fold their legs together. Both men part their legs and, pushing, lift their pelvises, as though waiting for a birth. Not a birth of flesh and blood and not – heaven […]

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The company of a Philosopher 

January 12, 2016

The philosopher in the bedroom is as ludicrous a figure as the philosopher in the nightclub. In both arenas, because the body is predominant and vulnerable, the mind becomes an instrument of silent, uninvolved assessment. Thought’s infidelity lies in its privacy. ‘If there is something that you cannot say to me,’ asks the lover, ‘things […]

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White Heron

November 29, 2015

What lifts the heron leaning on the air  I praise without a name. A crouch, a flare,  a long stroke through the cumulus of trees,  a shaped thought at the sky – then gone. O rare!  Saint Francis, being happiest on his knees,  would have cried Father! Cry anything you please  But praise. By any […]

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October 12, 2015

“Sinnerman” Oh sinnerman, where you gonna run to? Sinnerman, where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All along dem day Well I run to the rock, please hide me I run to the rock, please hide me I run to the rock, please hide me, lord All along dem day But the […]

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October 8, 2015

“What do you mean by isolation?” I asked him.     “Why, the isolation that prevails everywhere, above all in our age — it has not fully developed, it has not reached its limit yet. For everyone strives to keep his individuality as apart as possible, wishes to secure the greatest possible fullness of life […]

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Consciousness and Nature…

October 5, 2015

   The entire universe need not arm itself in order to crush man; a vapor, a drop of water, suffices to kill him. But even if the universe were to crush him, man would  still yet be more nobler than that which kills him, because he knows that he is dying (that he dies) and […]

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Art of Travel

September 28, 2015

  What, then, is a travelling mindset? Receptivity might be said to be its chief characteristic. We approach new places with humility. We carry with us no rigid ideas about what is interesting. We irritate locals because we stand on traffic islands and in narrow streets and admire what they take to be strange small […]

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Beauty and Charm

September 27, 2015

A danger of travel is that we see things at the wrong time, before we have had a chance to build up the necessary receptivity and when new information is therefore as useless and fugitive as necklace beads without a connecting chain. The risk is compounded by geography: the way that cities contain buildings or […]

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