A Most Wanted Man…

by sunil on July 4, 2016

Can I go now?

Go where?

Go where?

Back to your self-righteous friends

at Sanctuary North?

But no one’s going to saw off their heads,

are they?

Nobody’s going to blow up their kids

because you’re on a beach in Bali

or riding a train to school

in Madrid or London.

How fucking dare you?

How fucking dare me?

Tell me I’ve broken every rule in the book?

That I’ve trampled

on the essence of the constitution?

You want to spout that crap?


Do you know where you are?

No, you don’t.

This is the real world, Annabel.

We are fighting against the radical

off cuts of a nation called Islam.
~ Philip Seymour Hoffman with Rachel McAdams in Coribjn’s A Most Wanted Man. ( couldn’t find the clip) 

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