Things to live for : 

by sunil on January 14, 2017

Last week during a conversation I was asked to randomly write about 10 things that is worth living for in this world right now. 
Here’s my take, random, first written on a tissue paper in a cafe : 
Choice : just the concept of choice is so fascinating; the ability to make a conscious choice – in anything from food to eat to who to live with, everything. We have been given this chance to make a conscious choice – I find it immensely beautiful. Without grasping its full meaning and purpose I think life can’t be lived to the fullest extent.
Women: Their mystery, beauty and their ability to give you such unconditional love is a reason to live. To me, without any doubt, women, are the most interesting people in the world.
Coffee: A well pressed double espresso in the morning. Even it’s aroma. You can’t top that.
Silence : its expanse, its mystery and its possibility when the mind is fully conscious. Followed it from choice.
Flanerie : In my view the greatest activity in civilization is to idly walk around absorbing the entirety of a new city – it’s a conversation, a rhythmic dance, an imprint of civilisation on consciousness and vice versa.
Love : the ability to feel it – in its entirety the grand overwhelming passion – its madness and vulnerability, its strength and weakness. Even if only once, even if it is transient. 
Language : Our only tool to link our silences within to the world outside, that we are compelled to use it athough we know it’s corrupt most of the times. You can’t trust language but you can’t distrust her either, this precariousness is incredibly seductive.
Nature: her monumental presence – a promise and reassurance by a routine commonality like a wave crashing on a shore or the sun coming up the horizon. Or the uniqueness in all the gorgeous beauty : a galaxy in its own little dance. I admire her indifference and nativeness.
Mediterranean cuisine: So dishes around the world can be selectively delectable, for all , for few, but this is THE food of the civilisation and there can be no arguments about this.
Death : I think both as a concept and an act is worth living for, because it is so arcane and intriguing. It is the fairest and totally incorruptible aspect of life. It treats everyone alike.

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