Left Feminism vs Kellyanne Conway

by sunil on November 17, 2016

I’m sorry this will be the last one on the US politics ( mostly because I had missed out on them whilst travelling) Many of the so called left liberals seem to believe that Feminism is just expecting Hillary to be President because she is a woman! Kellyanne Conway who managed Trump’s campaign is such a smart, suave, articulate ( not glib) and intelligent woman; she’s just destroyed every other dishonest pollster ( male, female and corporates) by getting the campaign bang on the mark! Easily, she is thousand times more sharp and spontaneous than Hillary ( who’s average fees per talk is £200,000) and yet not a single left leaning liberal feminist can find within herself the the loyalty to her own belief to celebrate her success. That is just self serving activism. Shame! Yes, I’ll have Soya milk in my Latte please?

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