Teasing out your own influences…

by sunil on November 7, 2016

With the growing Pixelbank I haven’t had much time to go through them to study, well, or even gaze intently after they had been snapped and stored in the hard drive. Yesterday for some other reason was passing through the highway of the hard drive and stumbled onto these two snaps that I had clicked last year. The moment I saw them – it struck that I have been picking up influences in my own work. This would be a tribute to Vittorio Storaro, the great Italian cinematographer that I admire so much.


First one is at the World’s most famous city council : Oslo City Hall, Oslo, Norway – one of the banquet rooms where the Nobel peace prize winners chat,  taken in April 2014.

The second is in Amsterdam, Netherlands – but can’t recollect any more details except having a wonderful Avocado sandwich somewhere nearby! The chopping of light into walls and columns with the intentful oblique composition is undeniably Storaro.


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