Notes on Left Radicalism 

by sunil on November 26, 2015

I don’t know how many have heard of or remember Michael Oakeshott ( IMO is one of the most under-rated philosophers).

Michael Oakeshott:


He once wrote
”….In political activity men sail a boundless and bottomless sea; there is neither harbour for shelter nor floor for anchorage, neither starting-place nor appointed destination…”

This quote captures the radical left liberalism to perfection. As an ideal the extreme left world view is perfect, but ideals can not exist without a reference point in time; all ideals are morals suspended in religious, social and lately in scientific traditions, all of which as systems are always in flux.

Morals, therefore can not be examined in isolation. Understand, there’s nothing wrong or deficient with what is examined, it is the tool – human consciousness- for it can not function without reference. All journeys need port of departure and destination, without them, sailing by itself has no meaning. Nothing but protest against life.

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