Oh! Wallander! 

by sunil on October 5, 2015

In an evolving world where nothing is everything – both the identity and the lack there of, I’m grateful for Mankell to have created Wallander- an identity of nothingness.


The modern is where the parties involved approach from different ends, some with the fire of injustice burning in the souls, others fearing a tremendous fall from their carefully constructed towers. Some conflicts the world can abhor, a few it can not. Some it wants to forget, a few it just wants to bury in silence .

Sad at the loss of Henning Mankell – the creator of one of my favourite detective series with lively and personally many relatable characters in recent times.


Thank you for the education Mr Mankell.


(Aside: What’s with first week of October, it’s making an habit to take away the best of us?)

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