Glimpse of the infinity : Leonardo Da Vinci

by sunil on September 30, 2015

Notes : It is no exaggeration that I am well beyond my impressionable age, so when you find yourself strongly drawn towards a single person’s life and thoughts,  consumed intensely by them for more than a week like a teenager, you do have to pause the exploration and recheck the premises for fallacy.

The explanation though is my own Ignorance. ( yes with the big I) 
I had known of Leonardo Da Vinci only from what I had received through the privileges of middle class scholastic education, and of course the usual words that society throws around at its own incomprehensibility of such men- polymath, genius, Yada Yada . It is only now, in the recent past, since I stumbled onto his life especially the psychological life more intimately, I believe I am better equipped to understand and therefore appreciate his life and his mind. 
For this, as I sit typing , fills me with a strange combination of emotions : a sea of gratitude and  a wave of reaffirming hope against the general darkness and banality of human existence.
I’m moved. And I know I can’t me any more thankful for this moment.

Thank you Maestro.

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