More on the Soul

by sunil on August 20, 2015

Yes, as you can tell, these days I’m more preoccupied with the soul. Sharing a journal entry from 03/08/2015 here
What the soul is, is of no concern for us to know; what it is like, what its manifestations are, is of very great importance
~ Juan Luis Vives, De Anima Et Vita
This departure is the most tragic misfalling of the so called western perspective. 
One can be never more wrong, because, you can only know the soul by learning about its manifestations. Unless one is too evolved, there is, in fact no other way than studying its functions to truly know the soul. 
The more I travel the more I am convinced that the nature of soul is such that it will not be satisfied with ‘everything’ this world has to offer. The soul manifests in the other world. In this, amongst many other things, the ancient Hindus were right. 

None of theories that I have studied, apart from those collated by the Hindus explains the universe in its expanse and its profundity.

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