On the existence of the Soul…

by sunil on July 21, 2015

The older I get, the more Hindu I become.

Sir VS Naipaul, India: A Wounded Civilization

Whilst during travels, especially late in the nights it’s almost customary to get into profound conversations with fellow travelers –  about our deepest beliefs, collected world views etc. In fact I’d go as far as to say that one of the principal functions of the travel is to facilitate this sort of immediate exchange of ideas.

Due to my composite identity and backgrounds, I am often asked about the ideas between east and the west. When I talk of India, after the usual boilerplate talk on yoga and Bollywood, I try to explain of how beneath all the chaos, the grime and madness there exists something eternal India has internalized that can’t be defined or duplicated; that how I am yet to find a deeper intellectual tradition – a concept of universe that is closer to the truth than what the Hindus had surmised.

While some don’t get it at all, and very understandably so, a few despite their patently different background, exposure and their complete novelty to the ideas grasp it instantly – as though they had known all along.
And I think to myself that surely nothing can speak more for these Hindu theories than this very fact- that one is able to carry a core of self that can accept or reject this idea as encompassing or ridiculous.
Nothing better can speak more for the existence of soul.
And the Hindus said it long back:  any living being that can manifest the following six forms will have a soul. Nothing outside it. You couldn’t be more clearer in explaining such a complex abstraction and they did it all around 4000 years back is incredibly humbling :
Prajna (consciousness), Priyam (love and the will to live), Satyam (reverence for truth, reality), Ananta (endlessness, curiosity for the eternal), Ananda (bliss, contentness), and Sthiti (the state of enduring steadfastness, calm perseverance)

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