Battle of Algiers

by sunil on January 11, 2015

With the events over the last week in Paris , and with all the subsequent million exchanges it has inevitably generated online, I was reminded of this wonderful film: The Battle of Algiers by Pontecarvo (1965)



For those who know me would go, what- again?
How many times have I watched this movie, 50 ? 100 ?

Yet every time I return, it just feels surprisingly refreshing. It is hard to believe it was made in 1965. Can you imagine, 1-9-6-5? That is what? before Chomsky and the entire cognitive revolution?

And in the context of the events of last week, I can’t think of better movie that is more relevant to be watched this week.

Given all the op-eds and mediocre journalism I had forced myself to read over the week, whose collective perspective value is that of a lamp post fixed to gaze at one direction, It was wonderful to return to the Battle of Algiers, to follow the craft and the thought woven together with such amazing elegance , to appreciate the art that shows the intricate dilemma, the continuities dissonance without committing to a single argument.

It’s not a movie, it’s a tribute to timelessness.

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