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by sunil on May 22, 2011

Dear Readers, 

I have great news about the website. As you know I have many sub-blogs. This is purely for personal reasons. The main purpose of the multiple blogs is to ensure I can keep the posts separate. But I know it doesn’t necessarily help the reader to follow all the blogs. A lot of you had complained how it was tedious to follow so many of my sub-blogs, often missing out on posts from blogs other than Deja vu. Last time we had tried to sort this problem by bringing in all the feeds of the sub-blogs together on a single blog so it could be easier just to follow a single feed. Unfortunately we couldn’t make much headway. That was couple of years back, web 2.0 technology has come miles since. I’m pleased to say we have a new combined feed for you which automatically updates all the posts from different sub-blogs. You can access it here. Also find the updated about page.

Again, all the credit should go to V.

There are few things you need to be aware of though- firstly, the syndicate feed is somewhat nascent , there are still a few minor glitches.

  • You can’t comment on the feed post itself, if you want to comment, you have to follow the link to the original post on the original blog.
  • Secondly, I am told that the plugin is playing up a bit and is in the process of being sorted. For some reason, the syndicate feed hasn’t picked up the previous posts from Deja vu and Return ticket? So, if you are searching for any old posts, it is advised to do so on the original blog itself than the syndicate feed.

Those apart, it must work fine. If you experience any glitches, do let me know, so we can fix them. I hope all these changes make the reading experience a lot more easier for you.

One last thing, I have named the syndicate blog –  Tinker house. It was just one of those choices after a long day, on a better day when I have a brighter spark, I might change it, but the url would be the same.

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