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by sunil on September 24, 2010

– The quiz that I conducted @kweezz on twitter

Q1. Identify this girl recently in news.

Q2. Once described as the star of pre-liberal India she was born in 1900, in an impoverished family. She spent most of her childhood as a child-maid and had to face ridicule and ill treatment. At the age of 23 she survived an earthquake but lost an arm. This essentially ended her dream of becoming an hairdresser but she later started a seafood restaurant that became hugely successful. Her story is used as an example of perseverance esp. in Asia pacific. Who?

Q3. Identify the Director. Extra points for the work.

Q4. What is X? and what is the funda? 51.2, 23, 53, X. 26.3, 9, 74,10.

Q5. This is a Georgian building in Edinburgh, what phrase allegedly originated in English language from the details you see?



A1. Sakshi Rawat, wife of MS Dhoni

A2. Oshin

A3 It is Tarantino indeed, signature QT trunk shot for CSI episode –

A4. 10, Best test bowling figures Jim Laker and Anil Kumble. (O M R W) 10 wicket hauls!

A5. Yes, Daylight Robbery following Window Tax



Stage II

Stage II is like the old Stage II game. Answers for each of the question (4) are related by a theme. Cracking the theme gets more points depending on when you crack. Cracking at the very first question gets you 20 points and the next question 15 points so on. Naturally the questions usually tend to become easier from the one before.

Q.1A Identify
Q.1B Identify the lady on the left
Q.1C Sitter really, Identify the movie.
Q.1D This is an extract from famous book, which?

A. 1A Unobtainium from Avatar
A.1B Sir Anthony Hitchcock , in one of his cameos
A.1C Pulp Fiction
A.1D Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, aside – ‘success to crime’ is the tagline of Maltese Falcon Society Theme : Macguffins- Unobtainium is the macguffin in Avatar, Hitchcock was the pioneer of macguffins, briefcase is the macguffin in Pulp Fiction, and again Maltese Falcon is a macguffin.


Q.2A  This is a German city pounded by 800 ton RAF load in 1945. It was regularly reported in US media during the war. After the war, the term coined became popular amongst advert and media groupies and led to the introduction which term in English?
Q.2B Identify the movie:
Q.2C Identify the man on the right:
Q.2D Sitter: What is being described here?

A.2A. Blockbuster, A bomb mass of tonnes capable of destroying a city block. This later went on to be used in Hollywood to describe the success of a movie.
A.2B. A still from Catch 22.
A.2C Vidkun Quisling the Norwegian leader
A.2D Blitzkrieg !

Theme : All the terms were added to the English language from/ as a result of the second world war.


Q.3A Identify this Indian Lawyer. No not that obvious.
Q.3B Identify the sketcher.
Q.3C This is a still from an acclaimed British movie from 2009. Identify the character played by the boy on right
Q.3D Identify


A.3A Sardar Vallabhai Patel
A.3B Leonardo da Vinci
A.3C John Lennon played by Aaron Johnson in Nowhere Boy
A.3D George HW Bush

Theme : International airports named after people – Sardar Vallabhai Patel (Ahmedabad), Leonardo da Vinci (Rome), John Lennon (Liverpool), George HW Bush (Houston)


Q.4A Which Indian is associated with this event?
Q.4B Identify this girl. Not a movie star!
Q.4C An ex-marine, he went into a career he despised. His anger has been famously described as ’smoke coming off ice’ – cold calculated and unfathomable’. It is said that once R2D2 was jokingly asked to be his substitute. He eventually, died of a stroke in Italy.
Q.4D Identify the writer.


A.4A Swami Vivekananda , and that is World Parliament of Religion 1893, Chicago
A.4B Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of USA.
A.4C Michael Corleone
A.4D Young Ernest Hemingway

Bonus Question: Identify and the theme?
Bonus Q Answer: Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame.

Theme: They all suffer/ed from Diabetes.


Q.5A Once when asked what she did one long flights she replied: ‘listen to music and do homework’. Apparently she doesn’t like her legs when the world loves them; she loves Sherlock Holmes and her favourite movie is Pearl Harbour. Once voted amongst 50 most beautiful women she ranks currently 17 in what she does for a living. Who?
Q.5B Buddhists and Christians claimed that he was portrayed as Buddha and Christ. Son of John Anderson and Michelle Mcgahey he was born on 11/03/62, Lower Downtown Capital city. He is named so because he is meant to be. Who?
Q.5C This is a Raja Ravi Verma painting. Identify the man.
Q.5D Name the man on the left.

A.5A Maria Sharapova
A.5B Neo from Matrix
A.5C Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers during vanavasa.
A.5D Hanif Mohammed, Pakistan cricket Star Theme: All of them are ambidextrous – ie they are both right and left handed.


Q.6A He was once a talented goalkeeper, but discontinued football because of a bout of severe Tuberculosis. Father of twins, twice married, he once famously said ‘Marriage is not for me’. He was described once as ‘the best of old modernists and the best of the new postmodernists’. Nobel Laureate. Who?
Q.6B Identify the person it is dedicated to
Q.6C What is it ? and who is associated with it?
Q.6D This is for the bookworms of you: Identify the writer, it is a famous first page


A.6A Albert Camus
A.6B Princess Diana, That’s the Di Paris candle.
A.6C It is ‘Pre rock’ , The place where Steve Prefontaine, Coos bay runner died
A.6D WG Sebald, Enigmatic German writer. Book is Austerlitz.

Theme: Deaths due to car accident.


Q.7A A well known maverick, his favourite writer is Scot Fitzgerald. Known alcoholic, reputed for his chess skills on the shooting sets; he often scoffed at the Lee Strasberg school of Method acting, and believed to have only approved of NY critics award.
Q.7B Identify.
Q.7C Father of three children : Ocean, Sonnet and True. Once described as method actor’s method, African American known for getting into skin of the characters he plays – it is reported he stayed in an attic for weeks with a saxophone to prepare for a role. Vegetarian, suffers from a visible anomaly which has been described as appealing and intriguing by cine-critics. Who?
Q.7D Her lucky Tsar grandfather was travelling outside Russia during the Russian revolution and ended up staying in another country post revolution. She was once voted sexiest female pensioner. She built a career that has been described as ‘the cross between best and the trash’. She described the Oscars as the creme-de-la-creme of bulls**t but did accept it.


A.7A George C Scott
A.7B Julia Roberts
A.7C Forest Whitaker
A.7D Dame Helen Mirren

Theme : Best acting Oscars for biopics. George C Scott (Patton), Julia Roberts ( Erin Brockovich), Forest Whitaker  ( Last King of Scotland) , Helen Mirren ( Queen)


Lagniappe: Identify the four responsible for a revival movement .

Answer: Christian Levring, Soren-Kragh Jacobsen, Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg , the founders of the cult Dogme 95 film movement.

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