LOL Journalism

by sunil on March 1, 2009

Hung over and have to return to work to finish off a report, so here’s an old one I had put up on Facebook group:


Frankly one of the better of her Mumbai coverages, but still you can see every rule of electronic reporting broken. Ignored rather.

And the funniest bit….You hear an explosion. You ask a random police man two feet away from you , just like you ask directions — If the explosion that happened on the Nth floor was that of the terrorist or that of the Army? ( Bhaisaaab ye shivaji park kahan hain ? … Bhaisaaab ye KISKA dhamaka tha?) . He naturally becomes baffled. You shout back to the studio…THE SECURITY PERSONNEL DID NOT CLARIFY, DID NOT CLARIFY IF THE EXPLOSION WAS MADE BY THE ARMY OR TERRORISTS.

This is what is LOL journalism.

And this is someone who has had the exposure of the world , imagine how it is for others who live on more educated and uneducated fantasies.

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