by sunil on January 28, 2009

Hmm. It has been a rather long day. I am dictating this looking out of the window. The air is pleasant but the night too misty to see anything properly, sort of Delhi weather if you like, only colder. Was sorting my massive collection of snaps on hard drive and came across this:


It is the first rough blueprint of the website design I drew a year back to convey what was on my mind to my friends helping out with the site. Right now you are on the final product. The image is important to me because it signifies a certain discipline in a process. People often ask me what is the most important  thing I picked up in Europe? The answer is the discipline in the organization. I must admit it doesnt come naturally to me, may be because of the cultural underrpinnings. So I am fairly comfortable at the choatic end too. But once you have picked up something you want to incorporate and improvise. I guess some of you might know about my travel lists and my intense urge to classify. In the context one of things I found useful to adopt in both personal and professional life is the Drucker’s criteria. I suppose the management guys are well familiar with them.  Drucker came up with a what is well known as SMART criteria where a cost utility and the cost effectiveness of a task is defined,  subject to individual or corporate priority by the SMART criteria, where S is Specific ( you identify the goals clearly) M is measurable ( where you identify the tools how you can measure the progress) , I guess this bit is the most important because , without this we just end up as wishful thinkers (yes I want to bungee jump too). A is attainable ( so not like I should win the next 100m freestyle gold in London Olympics)  R Reliable / Realistic and finally T – Time specific. I use it from planning travel to covering Simenon novel.


Couple of years back , one of you had sent me an url to a blog where the blogger, along with reviewing the  movie he/she had watched also wrote about a new word or phrase picked up from the movie. I searched my mail box but since I dont remember who sent it or the name of the blog, so I’m stuck. If you happen to know/remember kindly drop a mail.The reason why I ask is that I was reminded of the aforementioned blog whilst watching Frost/Nixon where the word limelight is used many a times in a scene. For those of you who dont know, limelight originates from the device which was used to illuminate parts of the stage in a theatre to emphasise  the light on a particular actor or scene. Lime comes from calcium oxide which is mixed with oxygen in the device to produce the flame. Though the inventor or the exact time of invention of the device is controversial, it was well known both in US (Philly) and London in early 19th century. It was popularized by Scottish surveyor Drummond thus earning the name Drummond light. It was a rage during the plays of the Victorian era leading on to the origin of the popular phrase – being in the limelight. There are other such interesting origins including blockbuster, daylight robbery etc. There is a theory that daylight robbery originated from the window tax I had written before. 



One of the first Limelights used in US.


Speaking of daylight robbery, one another form of daylight robbery is practised  by apple itunes store in Europe.  Yes I am a sworn mac fan and generally check out any apple product because usually they are worth their money. But what they do on itunes store Europe is unacceptable. Firstly they have been charging 79 p per song for the last three years promising all along to cut it down. But not a single penny has been reduced. This means we here have been paying more for the same song than others in other parts of the world. Secondly, I discovered there are lot many songs on itunes store that are album-only in Europe  but are available as singles on itunes US and elsewhere. The latest instance being of Slumdog Millionaire. I don’t know if it is because the movie was released here in UK only this month ( as against November in the states), but even if so, I think it is unfair that we cant buy single songs, while others can. Now that’s daylight digital robbery.


Lastly shall be settling all the obscure scores with Norse, Greek and Celtic Mythologies by diving into Arthur Cotterell’s mega book on mythologies. Anyone curious or interested to exchange mails/thoughts on the same welcome.


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