Indian Journeys

by admin on June 20, 2008

Just left Hampi. Currently jaunting across reading The Penguin book of Indian Journeys,  eclectic and brilliant, couldnt be better put than the HT missive on the book – `A wonderful synecdoche for India: heterogeneous, contrary, suddenly seductive' — Hindustan Times.
Among other things: I cannot imagine the level of functioning of a mind which derives soem sort of pleasure by peeking into a moving autorick to see if there is some gorgeous woman travelling in. But far worse, I cant bring myself to forgive those minds which think such a heinous mind can be fought by writing blog after blog after blog. Such pedestrian minds have to be dealt with one and only one thing. Sheer. Brute. Power. Any other online effort is sadmitting your inabilities in public.

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