Consequences of Marriage

by sunil on July 31, 2010

Old one – Brought a smile, hence posting here:

 So one such evening when you could be fairly sure it is going to rain, Harry, looking into her eyes, asked Linda if she would marry him. But it was the way he asked her.
”Linda, should you say no now, someday if by the turn of events I have to face a firing squad , I shall remember the distant afternoon I discovered you”.
Unfortunately for him she said yes .
Twenty nine months later, one winter morning, Harry woke from troubled dreams, to find himself transformed into a giant horrible vermin. A voice, perhaps Linda’s, called him Gregor Samsa and he reflexly turned towards its direction.

Pubtales: A Short write-up we usually do in a pub/hangout while waiting for beloveds to turn up. Mostly based on the interesting people seen around in the pub.Can also be seen in the movie ‘ Wonder Boys’.

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