by sunil on March 10, 2010

She returns home a day early and looks at him curiously, searching for signs of happiness on his face – the usual – lower jaw gently pushing up the lip into a tiny curve. Instead she finds it quivering in vague anxiety. He talks. Questions mostly. But he doesn’t wait for her answers.

How did the conference go? Did she have a good flight? Has she eaten? Would she want him to run a bath ?

She knows him well. Or does she? But she cant miss the nervousness he is hiding. His forced concern, so artificial. The mystery collects. The unknown and the anxiety it causes. She walks to the kitchen, him in the tow; her mind gushing with hundred half thoughts that struggle to become a single coherent thought. She walks to the wine rack and pours herself a drink. And, at that very instant she knows. Suddenly, it becomes clear. Two wine glasses are missing and he never drinks wine. She feels neither sadness nor anger. She is, at that instant overcome by a strange relief.

She casually walks back and sits on a chair. She looks at him, her eyes intense but not furious. She asks in a calm voice – Is it someone I know?

He stands stunned. His heart sinks and his eyelids droop. He heaves an audible sigh. He cant talk. Is it the shame of it? Or the embarrassment of being found out? Or the unexpected abruptness of it? He is too agitated to know. His heart races in his throat. He wants to sit down, but his legs are too heavy. After a brief moment, he manages a quick What?

She says hurriedly, her tone slightly irritated Don’t try to make a bigger fool out of me than I already am , you know …WHAT … Is it someone I Know?

He stands mute, staring at her.

How long?
Listen Laura…..

HOW LONG? David…. I don’t want to hear anything more…..how long?
I’m …..
David I’ve been trying not to lose my….FUCK… Do you love her?……. Forget it. I don’t want to know….

He tries to come closer but she pulls away.

She hurries and picks up the coat she had left on the chair and tells him without looking at him, I’m going to go now and stay at Jenny. I want you take all your stuff and be gone by noon. You can take the bed if you want.

On her way to the car she removes the ring that had adorned her finger for three years.


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