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Hello and welcome to my site.

Each one of us would have our own stories. Our own truths. Our own ways of seeing and feeling, without which the world we inhabit would be infinitely bland and colourless.

After all these years of civilization behind us, I think we have arrived at where each of us ought to tell the rest what it’s like to be each of us: being oneself, living his own life in his own world. The Internet not only provides us with this opportunity but also makes it an obligation. In a sense, I suppose the Internet is the ultimate skeleton of the real world known to man – this aggregation of realities; all these lives and perceptions – forming, unforming, learning, unlearning, existing, interacting and all together. This is the era of grand exchange.

So here’s my share to the internet, my stories, my way of seeing. This is not a blog in the regular sense of the word. It is more of a trail of my own learnings and unlearnings as I trod along collecting my own truths. I don’t fancy using this as a portal to build a network of similar minded bloggers, as such media often get reduced to. It does not stand for anything. It is, what it is.

As you would have noticed the site has been subdivided into many sub-blogs, here’s a brief overview of each:

Déjà vu is the French term for the subjective feeling of having witnessed a new situation before. Those who have experienced a Déjà vu would agree that there is no other feeling that is so sublime yet so baffling. At Déjà vu I mostly post random vagaries, vicissitudes, hosannas and gravitas that are subject to my mood. I suppose you could say it is a typical blog.

Amygdala drawn from Greek is a mysterious almond-shaped structure located in the human brain known as the seat of regulation of emotions. You would find my random entries in fiction here, though I must admit most of them are drawn from my personal life.

Return-ticket is my ongoing endeavour to edit and electronicize all my travel journals that have been slowly accumulating as one moleskine over another. At the moment I am engaged with my notes on India with an occasional random pick of Europe to break the monotony.

Palimpsest from Greek again is a more sober collection of reflections – notes and poems, where I have taken a bit more care both to compose and edit the entries. But again nothing spectacular to be proud of.

ShutterSmith is the photolog where I post some of the interesting picks from my travel collections. I must add that I am neither a big fan nor an expert in photography. I just make the most of a post-modern digital camera.

Zeitgeist a German term for the phrase the spirit of the times – is an assortment of more personal, journalish reflections. I am uncomfortable to share details about friends, lovers and other people around me, either in allusion or implication. So I apologize in advance if it is not all that personal.

Dewey or Library of Babel is named after the write up by JL Borges of the same name. It is a collection of extracts in prose, poem or any other imaginable form that has left an impression on me such that I wish to visit or use them again. Most of the content here would have been drawn from the net, while a few I would have transcribed from books, but I guess not too significant to infringe any copyrights.

Bookmarks is a track of my current and past readings. Since my reading habits are quite random and at times hopelessly haphazard, it might not be always possible to feature all the reads simultaneously here. Interested may check out my goodreads account which I use more regularly. I also blog about reading along with a few fellow reading enthusiasts here.

Popcorn Papers is an assortment of movies watched either in toto or parts. Initially I started it to organise my notes/jottings on the interesting movies watched; but I have come to realize that the jottings are too random and are replete with many cross-references, both personal and otherwise, to make any sense to the reader. So I am just using popcorn papers as a tracklog of movies.

Opium is just a springboard of my regular online haunts.


Thoughtcafe is more of a collection than a blog. It is an assortment of online philosophy posts and resources interspersed with occasional Gedanken and muses.


Phew! That’s a lot of blogs. I just want them separate- just like separate journals for separate subjects. As many of you had indicated it doesn’t necessarily make it easy keeping track of all these blogs. I’m pleased to say we have finally sorted this problem by having a syndicate blog which picks up posts from all the other sub-blogs. So you can keep track of that one feed. However at the moment there are some minor glitches which are being sorted out.

On some of these blogs, you might find yourself looking for navigation buttons to access previous entries and archives, just click on the ‘open navigation’ button at 2 ‘0 clock position which should open up a slidebar.

Finally, all the material on this site is copyrighted and therefore is subject to copyright laws. I don’t mind people linking with credit but gross violations would mean trouble.


About me:

For the purpose of this blog you can call me Sunil , though I can admit now of being called as Linus during the cold war. I’m your quintessential proverbial Jack, sometimes I’m Inspector Jack Clouseau, sometimes Captain Jack Sparrow. But mostly I’m Jack’s very unpopular opinion. Nothing describes me better than Joyce’s words from Finnegan wake: When I liked I disliked a bit; When I disliked I liked also. I rather dislikingly like everything that happens, and likingly dislike everything that doesn’t.

In case you want to abuse me I can be reached at sunil@sunilification.net but usually I come around and beat people up.

And finally here’s a mugshot, taken before setting off for the tedious Skiddaw trail:

Enjoy looking around.